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Our Services

The ComLaundry is a family owned and operated business offering linen rental, industrial uniforms and healthcare and commercial laundry services.

Competition is a fact of life. An expertly designed laundry will draw more customers even when surrounded by numerous competitive coin stores. Our experience has taught us how to best utilize every inch of the available space. It’s obvious why the stores we design are successful in spite of the competition.

01._Services we provide

We have the capabilities of doing most types of laundry. Our current range of customers include, hairdressers, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and the general public. We also launder duvets, sleeping bags etc.

The ComLaundry is one of the largest and most up-to-date commercial laundry and dry cleaning operation. One of our main businesses is in the Healthcare field. Being one of the largest and most modern laundries in Upstate New York, we service many large hospitals and nursing homes both rental and C.O.G. (Customer owned goods). We also specialize in linen, dust control and rental of industrial uniforms to restaurants, hotels, motels and commercial and industrial business.

Over the years The ComLaundry has become one of the most diversified Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning operations. We have invested heavily in technology making us one of the most efficient plants anywhere. We are presently the Iroquois Hospital Consortium preferred healthcare laundry vendor. We provide a host of Textile Services on both a rental plan or customer owned basis to all kinds of business, residences and institutions in a large service area. Our customer oriented staff takes pride in answering your questions, insuring prompt delivery and maintaining professional service.

We service most of New York from Albany south to Poughkeepsie, west to Syracuse, north to Potsdam and east into Vermont.

In addition, The ComLaundry is a full service dry cleaning plant. We process everything from sweaters and 3 piece suits to fully cleaned and protected wedding gowns. Ship your wedding gown to us and we will return it to you totally cleaned and sealed. The ComLaundry has 22 dry plants; To compliment the dry cleaning service is a completely modern shirt laundry.

From the days of horse drawn buggies and wooden washers to tractor-trailers and Continuous Batch Washers, we have evolved into a leader in our field.