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Com Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service - Dedicated to Make Life Easier

Our ComLaundry cover the 18 states and 6 countries and have vast experience of providing a full range of commercial laundry services to the high standards demanded by our customers. All our laundries are long established, well financed and resourced to maintain consistently high levels of product and service.

our feature services

ComLaundry is a family owned and operated business located across 22 states since 1994 offering linen rental, industrial uniforms and healthcare and commercial laundry services.

We Serve industrial uniforms

ComLaundry offers industrial uniforms for restaurants, healthcare facilties and for commercial factories and businesses. We also offer chef’s uniforms, hospital and dental office uniforms nursing home uniforms

Healthcare Laundry Is Our Speciality

ComLaundry specializes in healthcare laundry and also services restaurants, and commercial, hospitality and industrial facilities with linen rentals, uniforms and commercial laundry services.

We Also Offer Linen Rental

“Textile Reuse Reduces Solid Waste,” points out the waste-minimizing aspect of linen rental service. Customers who replace disposable products with reusable linens significantly reduce solid waste.

about our company

Most Diversified Commercial Laundry and Dry Cleaning

We are one of the largest and most up-to-date commercial laundry and dry cleaning operations.

One of our main businesses is in the Healthcare field. Being one of the largest and most modern laundries, we service many large hospitals and nursing homes both rental and C.O.G. (Customer owned goods). We also specialize in linen, dust control and rental of industrial uniforms to restaurants, hotels, motels and commercial and industrial business.

ComLaundry is dedicated in making life easier for our customers by implementing innovative solutions that fit their individual product and service needs.



We provide A to Z services

From Dry Cleaning, Alterations, Wash and Fold, Hotel Guest Services, Retail store, Medical, Golf Clubs and More…. We got you covered!

Need Lab Coats cleaned and Pressed? How about Restaurant Chef Coats? Tablecloth and Napkins? Golf Clubs and More…. We are your #1 LInen Partner


Let us wash your clothes instead! Just drop your dirty clothes off and we do the rest. We Love Dirty Laundry!


Cant fit your linens in your home washer? We can do it for you in our Jumbo sized machines

You Do Not Have The Time?
No need to worry, we’ll help you in

Drop off your garments to one of our stores or have us pickup for free.


Yes, We Are Your Premium Service Provider! But Our Prices are Not Premium


Dry Cleaning
Eco Wet Cleaning
Wash And Fold


Dry Cleaning And Eco Wet Cleaning
Wash And Fold
Linen Cleaning


Dry Cleaning And Eco Wet Cleaning
Wash And Fold, Linen Cleaning
Ironing, Drapes

Now You Can Book Your Laundry in 3 Simple Steps With Mobile App

We have invested heavily in technology making us one of the most efficient plants anywhere.

You can login and schedule the pickup or delivery at your convenient time and our passionate service professionals will be at your service. You can also do advance pickup schedule for the next 10 days.

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