If you’re in the laundry business, strong equipment means everything. To gain a competitive edge, the only answer is Genuine Parts from Alliance Laundry Systems.

Unlike aftermarket parts, you won’t be replacing the same parts on the same machine time and time again. That’s because each part is designed and engineered specifically for Alliance Laundry machines. Therefore, every part fits better and lasts longer than the competition.

We make no distinction between an original part and a replacement part. In fact, our Genuine Parts are the exact same parts that are built into the machines in our factory. Replacement parts from other sources may cost less up front, but they aren’t engineered specifically for Alliance machines. They often need to be replaced earlier and can damage parts on your machine as well as disable safety features. Plus, Genuine Parts:

- Last longer
- Install more easily
- Perform better

The quality of a Genuine Parts doesn’t even compare to aftermarket parts. Alliance Laundry Systems has been manufacturing equipment since 1908. So behind every part we produce is a team with the highest level of technical expertise, attention to detail and unmatched precision. Each is:

- Compatible with your machine — guaranteed
- Reliable
- Built to last

From state-of-the-art precision testing to extensive machine-life test labs, our quality control team has an extensive parts inspection system to provide you with the highest quality products.

Other part sources typically offer only a 30- or 90-day warranty. Each Genuine Part is backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty. That’s how much we trust the quality of the parts we manufacture.

All parts are serviced by your Alliance Laundry Systems distributor. He or she is trained to know every detail of your machine and respond quickly to your needs.

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